Institute for High Performance Computing and Networking


The Institute for high performance computing and networking (ICAR-CNR) offers innovative solutions in terms of research, technology transfer and high education in the area of intelligent systems with complex functionality (cognitive systems and robotics, knowledge representation, extraction and reasoning, human-computer interface, optimization) and high performance computing (cloud computing, parallel and distributed environments and advanced technologies for the Internet). Significant applications are developed in the areas of e-health, energy, security, bioinformatics, cultural heritage, smart cities.


The main researchers involved are the followings:

  • Stefano Basta
  • Nunziato Cassavia
  • Mario Ciampi
  • Luciano Caroprese
  • Gaia Raffaella Greco
  • Massimo Guarascio
  • Angelica Liguori
  • Fabrizio Lo Scudo
  • Giuseppe Manco
  • Fabrizo Marangio
  • Elio Masciari
  • Marco Minici
  • Sergio Pillon
  • Francesco Pisani
  • Ettore Ritacco
  • Luigi Romano
  • Giovanni Schmid
  • Mario Sicuranza
  • Stefano Silvestri


  • Information sharing & Analytics
  • Machine Learning – Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber-intelligence
  • Distributed Ledger Technologies
  • Cryptography
  • Functional Model Definition – Business Process Modeling



  • ICAR has some tools publicly accessible through the Cyber Security Osservatorio
  • LAiCy InnCal