Institute of Eletronics, Information engineering and Telecommunications


IEIIT CNR Cyber security Lab collects competences in different areas:

  • Security of Cyber Physical Systems : methodologies and tools for the analysis of critical applications in cyber physical systems at system and device levels
  • Performance evaluation of security devices: techniques and tools for the analytical evaluation of the behavior of network security devices
  • Design and development of new cyber-attacks: approaches and implementation of novel cyber-threats
  • Implementation of novel protection algorithms: design, development and testing of innovative protection algorithms able to counter emerging threats

The units involved are the followings:

  • Computer Engineering and Networks

  • Network Security


The researchers involved in (cyber)security studies are:

  • Manuel Cheminod
  • Ivan Cibrario Bertolotti
  • Luca Durante
  • Lucia Seno
  • Adriano Valenzano
  • Enrico Cambiaso
  • Maurizio Aiello
  • Sara Narteni


  • Cyber Physical Systems
    • Formal model for the description of CPS networks
    • Physical and Cyber worlds interactions evaluation
    • Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)
    • Critical Infrastructures
  • Cyber Protection/Defence
    • Access and usage control
    • IoT, network security
    • Protocols security
    • Penetration testing
    • Threat hunting

Ongoing Projects 

1 febbraio 2019 – 31 luglio 2022

CyberSec4Europe is aimed at designing, testing and demonstrating potential governance structures for a future European Cybersecurity Competence Network using best practice examples derived from concepts like CERN, as well the expertise and experience of partners.

In particular, CyberSec4Europe is working towards harmonizing the journey from the development of software components that fit the requirements identified by a set of short- and long-term roadmaps, leading to a series of consequent recommendations. These are tied to the project’s real-world demonstration use cases that address cybersecurity challenges within the vertical sectors of digital infrastructure, finance, government and smart cities, healthcare and transportation.


CNR IEIIT has also the following laboratories:

  • Industrial ICT Laboratory (I2LAB)

  • Innovative cyber attacks

  • Intrusion Protection Algorithms