Institute for Cognitive Science and Technology


The CNR Institute for Cognitive Science and Technology covers research fields related to human cognition and cognitive technologies.

It is the reference institution for Cognitive Science in Italy

It is a leading institution for Artificial Intelligence research

  • Research Areas
    • Psychology and Cognitive Science
    • Neuroscience
    • A.I., Robotics, and ICT


PST Lab:

  • Amedeo Cesta (contact)
  • Gabriella Cortellessa
  • Riccardo De Benedictis
  • Francesca Fracasso
  • Angelo Oddi
  • Andrea Orlandini
  • Riccardo Rasconi
  • Alessandro Umbrico
  • Vito Trianni  (LARAL Lab)


  • he PST group has lines of research for 
    • Problem solving techniques for complex scheduling problems
    • Planning, Execution, Verification and Validation techniques
    • Interactive and User Adaptive Artificial Intelligence
  • Constant attention to deploy Intelligent systems in real environments
    • Design and development of socio-technical systems with concrete impact in society
  • Main application areas 
    • Decision support for space domain – 20+ years of collaboration with ESA
    • Ambient Assisted Living – Intelligent software & robots to support older people at home
    • Factories of the Future – Safe Collaborative Robots


  • PANDORA (FP7 – ICT\Security) [2010 – 2012] 
    • Crisis Management, training environments, user modeling
  • ULISSE (FP7 – SPACE) [2009 – 2011] (successful FP7 projects) 
    • Space facilities, planning and scheduling, validation and verification
  • PRIN (MIUR) [2009 – 2011]
    • Constraint-based reasoning, planning and scheduling
  • GOAC [2008 – 2011] “European Space Agency”
    • Space exploration, on-board autonomy, planning and execution
  • APSI [2006 – 2008] “European Space Agency”
    • Space applications, planning and scheduling, resources optimization
  • GiraffPlus (FP7 – ICT) [2012 – 2014]
    • Ambient intelligence, user personalization, technology evaluation
  • FourByThree and Sharework (H2020 – Factories of the Future) [2014-2023]
    • Human-Robot Collaboration, planning and execution, safety enforcement
  • SIRobotics (PON 12 aree – Ambienti di Vita) [2019-2022] 
    • Assistive Robotics for Older People, AI solutions for personalized healthcare assistance
  • SmartSatCare (ESA Call Against COVID) [2020-2021] “European Space Agency” 
    • At-home/remote medicine for both fragile people, COVID and post-COVID patients, Fielded experiments


  • Development of Verification and Validation tools to support correct and robust intelligent control (applied to HRI)
  • CNR Industrial PhD – (co-funded with MCZ Group) on efficient and sustainable control of heating stoves
  • – 
    • Secure and Safe Human-Robot Collaboration in Manufacturing [together with STIIMA]
    • Emotional Robots to support Fragile Humans
  • Strong attention to social/ethical problems triggered/helped by the wide use of new technologies in the society