Institute for Calculus Applications


  • Four units: Roma, Napoli, Bari and Firenze
  • 63 researchers and technologists and 17 administrative and technical staff;
  • Research associates, Ph.D Research Fellows, Internships;
  • Collaborations and projects with public and private organizations, industry, local public authorities
  • Educational activity
  •  Scientific dissemination (collana Comics&Science);
  • Sportello Matematico dell’Industria Italiana;
  • Own computing infrastructure (cluster CPU + GPU)
  • Research activities in 9 groups


  • Application of different (Big) Data analysis techniques for the classification / understanding of behaviors and possible detection of anomalies.
  • Modeling and analysis of structured and complex data for classification and topological / semantic analysis of interest for security.
  • Emulation and simulation of controlled software execution environments, in order to reproduce and analyze anomalous / malicious behavior of software to limit / prevent its propagation and alteration of the system.
  • Cryptanalysis
  • Modeling and analysis of economic aspects of security.


  • About 10% Researchers and technologists
  • Areas of expertise:
  • Cyber governance, risk and compliance
  • Cyber protection/Defence
  • Cryptanalysis
  • Identity and trust management
  • Cloud and mobile security
  • IOT and network security
  • Penetration testing
  • Economics of security
  • Risk management


“Networks” and “Systems” security: 

  • IANCIS (Indexing of Anonymous Networks for Crime Information Search) 
  • ISODAC (Indexing and Searching Of Data Against Crime) 

“Transit/traffic” security

  • Analyzing traffic patterns through classification and clusterization of behaviours allows focusing on “interesting” data


  • Distributed parallel dictionary-based and AI-supported attacks
  • Cryptanalysis and CUBE Attack. Framework for attacks to stream ciphers that resemble a random polynomial of sufficiently low degree

“Economics of cybersecurity and Cyber Insurance”

  • CyberSureCYBER Security InSURancE 

IAC is a part of

  • Competence Center – Cyber 4.0  – Project leader – Università Roma La Sapienza
  • Spin-off “Hassisto” IAC-IBB. The company’s activities require active and passive data security management techniques and analysis of possible transfer of part of the risk through cyber insurance.


  • Software design for Cryptanalysis Attacks using Kite-attack
  • Collaboration with external companies for solutions of interest to National Security
  • PNRM Collaboration with companies for solutions of interest to the Defense
  • Malware Analysis for the School of the Information Security Department
  • Fast Intelligent Guessing Of Passwords / FIGOP ISFP-2020-AG-CYBER project proposal
  • @CNR project proposal on cyber insurance (P.I. –  IIT)
  • Collaboration with RISET – Sweden on Cyber ​​Insurance issues
  • SOA(Society of Actuaries) project proposal for Security Economics