• Contribute to the national security system by collaborating with other organizations. The project will foster the national security by providing training courses (as the master of first level co-organized with the University of Pisa), fostering research on the matter, helping to rapidly and privately exchange information between the interested parties raising the overall cyber risk awareness.
  • Consolidate and extend the leading role of IIT-CNR at national and international level in the sector by further investments in the strategic cooperation. CySLab will help the institute and CNR to cooperate with other research, industrial and governmental bodies on the national level. This cooperation will disseminate the knowledge about the research results of the institute, gain a similar knowledge about advancements and practices used by partners, and further develop novel ideas by combining the available knowledge.
  • Maximize the visibility of all these activities for IIT-CNR (and CNR). The successful execution of the project, which is required for the country from the technological as well as political point of view, will increase the awareness of the interested parties in relevant (as well as other) activities conducted by the institute.
  • Facilitate participation in national and international projects. A wider network of (potential) partners and experience in cooperation within the project will foster further development of common ideas which will grow into national and international projects, using also the third party clause (if formally required). The extended capabilities of the institute will attract attention of potential partners, which could use the results of the project for further research.
  • Ease relations with government bodies and industry. The need for the project results is not only academic. Government is interested in the project because of the international pressure of establishing minimal level of protection. Moreover, the government will benefit from the project because of increased social welfare. Industry will get the required cyber security professionals, new technologies, and the increased possibility to exchange the information with partners, significantly reducing the risk level. Through such involvement of governmental and industrial bodies IIT-CNR will establish partnerships for further cooperation in the area of cyber security and beyond.