Aula A32 – 5 Marzo 2018, ore 15:30

Speaker: Adham Albakri, University of Kent

Adham is an early stage researcher in NeCS project and a Ph.D. student at the University of Kent. He has obtained his Master’s degree from Damascus University, Syria, specialised in software engineering and information systems. His research interests are Privacy, Systems and Network Security, Graph theory and Information Systems.


In recent years, the number of cyber-attacks that affect critical infrastructures such as health, telecommunications and banks has been rapidly increasing. The sharing of cyber threat information is proposed to increase the level of defence against cyber-attacks. However, organizations may perceive privacy and confidentiality risks in sharing and disclosing cyber threat information These may be overcome by building in appropriate protections, or even by shifting the emphasis from information sharing towards more general forms of collaborative derivation of cyber intelligence from such information, enabled by privacy preserving computation.
In this seminar, I will talk about the current practices of cyber threat information sharing and study the applicability and relevance of current privacy-preserving techniques and methods. We will identify the threats of disclosing cybersecurity information by using the STIX incident model. We will present a configurable privacy/confidentiality preservation dashboard that considers trust, legal basis, context, and the associated risk for disclosing cyber threat information so that organizations can strike a balance between utility and privacy protection.
Finally, I will outline the progress made so far and the plan for my future work.