An italian law proposal for cybersecurity startupper

A law proposal is  being discussed in the Italian Parliament to encourage the establishment and development of innovative startups in cybersecurity.

The law proposal n. 4660, which was held on September 25th at the Chamber of Deputies, has the exclusive object of “research and development of tools and services geared to cyber security and information security through the use of technologies or the development of original software”. The first signatory is the deputy Rosa Vilecco Calipari, a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Security of the Republic (Copasir), which is responsible for systematically and continuously monitoring the activities of the Security Information System.

Among the most significant provisions of the text, there is one that introduces some derogations from the general principles of company law. Among these, the exemption from paying tax registration for companies constituted by natural persons who have not reached the age of forty years or the exemption from the payment of VAT for the first two years of registration in a section of the register of companies. This, in particular, represents the condition  in order to qualify for the discipline provided for in the proposal law.

To the forecasts just described, we add those introducing measures for the promotion and internationalization of cybersecurity startup.