The Regional Cybersecurity center is born. It will have to defend Pa and small businesses from cyber attacks

Tuscany was among the first regions in Italy to invest public resources to bring broadband and ultra-broadband everywhere, even in those decentralized areas and ‘out of the market’ where private companies would not have invested. He did it because without adequate internet connection, a territory today risks not being competitive. A telematic highway is as important as a road. But it is necessary to protect the network from possible flaws and especially the small ones – Municipalities or companies that are – do not always have resources and personnel to build a safe environment.

For this reason, the Tuscany Region, after investing in a centralized data center, the Tix, which will also serve the other Tuscan public bodies, has created a structure coordinated by the universities and research centers to protect from the attacks the databases of Municipalities, Asl , public administration centers but also small and medium-sized enterprises in Tuscany.

The Regional  Cybersecurity Center  will serve to defend the data of public administrations and provide them, but also to companies, especially the smaller ones, the best solutions at international level to prevent IT attacks and industrial espionage.  The goal is to team up, enhance the skills available throughout Tuscany and exchange know-how, filling the gap in skills and professionalism suffered by children, sharing tools and best practices.

The coordination of the center will be entrusted to three technicians of the Region and one responsible for each of the university centers. It will be the teams of computer scientists of the various universities that make the center work thanks to research grants, scholarships and funds made available by the Region each year for the Pegaso PhD programs. Within three months, universities, Cnr and Imt will have to present a project, which will also include the creation of a regional observatory that catalogs and studies all cases of cyber attacks against public administrations and individuals.

The headquarters of the Regional Cybersecurity Center  will be in Pisa, with a district in Florence for the part that most concerns the public administration, at the Tix, or the mega server of the Region able to collect and protect millions of data.

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